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New subscription rates

N.B. 15 May 2023, this web page was revised.

New rates apply from January 2016.

What are the new rates?

From January 2016, the annual subscription rates are:

Ordinary (individual) membership   £18.00
Joint membership   £24.00
Student membership   £6.00

A joint membership consists of two individuals living at the same address, requiring one mailing by post. Email is the current communication method of choice.

Student membership applies to any student enrolled in a full-time course.

In the year of joining, the membership subscription is free. An applicant should set up a standing order at the time of application for subscription payment on the first working day of January every year. Once the Council of The Luxembourg Society approves an applicant's membership, the annual subscription becomes non-refundable, regardless of the amount.

If you have any queries, please contact the Honorary Secretary.