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New subscription rates

New rates apply from January 2016.

At the Annual General Meeting of 13th May 2015, the members decided to raise the subscription rates, which had been left unchanged since 1977. Any increased income will be put to good use for the benefit of the Society.

Members will receive renewal forms and payment instructions in the post. The forms can also be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this web page.

Those members paying by standing order need to make new arrangements.

What are the new rates?

From January 2016, the annual subscription rates are:

Ordinary membership   £18.00
Joint membership   £24.00
Student membership   £6.00

Joint membership is for any two individuals living at the same address, requiring one mailing.

Student membership applies to any student enrolled in a full-time course.

Membership runs for the calendar year from January to December. Members failing to pay their subscriptions within a period of 12 months from their due date may have their membership terminated by the Council.

To pay by cash

Please do not send money in the post. If practical, you can pay the Honorary Treasurer in person.

To pay by cheque or bank transfer

Cheque books are gradually being phased out by the banks, and are being replaced by electronic payments. You can still pay by cheque, and additionally by electronic money transfer, which can be transacted either online or at a bank branch. Instructions and the bank account number can be found on the Renewal Form.

To pay by standing order

To pay by standing order, you can either fill out the mandate on Page 2 of the Renewal Form, sign it and return it to the Honorary Treasurer, or you can set up your own standing order either electronically or at a bank branch. The bank account details are on the Renewal Form.

If you have any queries, please contact the Honorary Secretary.

To pay your subcription, please contact the Honorary Treasurer, Dr Paul Dakin: Dr Paul Dakin email
(please enter this email address manually onto your message)