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Join the Society!

The Society always welcomes applications for membership. It was founded in London in 1942, during the dark days of the Second World War. The fact that it is still going strong today is proof positive that it serves a useful purpose. In the year 2017, it proudly celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Join the Society today, and you will be in good company!

Why should you become a member?

Membership is open to anybody wanting to promote close and friendly relations between Britain and Luxembourg, subject to acceptance by the Council of the Society.

This includes expatriates who wish to keep a connection with their homeland, by socialising with like-minded fellow-countrymen. Some of them have settled in Britain, but an increasing number of students and young professionals are temporary residents. The Society helps these to acclimatise, to forge useful business and social contacts, and to form new friendships.

Membership is not restricted to expatriates however. It embraces a large number of people who have lived and worked in the Grand Duchy, people with family connections or Luxembourg ancestry, and all those who, for one reason or another, have established a bond with the country and the Luxembourg Society.

In addition to the social gatherings, members are invited to numerous visits to places of interest, to walks, lectures, concerts, and art exhibitions. The Society is grant-aided by the Luxembourg Government, and its social calendar is generously supported by the Embassy.

How can you become a member?

Applicants need to be sponsored by two existing members. If they do not know any such members, they should contact the Honorary Secretary for sponsorship.

From January 2016, the annual subscription rates are:

Ordinary membership   £18.00
Joint membership   £24.00
Student membership   £6.00

Joint membership is for any two individuals living at the same address, requiring one mailing.

Student membership applies to any student enrolled in a full-time course.

Subscriptions run for the calendar year from January to December, and subscriptions on applications received after 1st September will be valid for the rest of the year, and additionally for the whole of the subsequent calendar year.

To join, please send an email/letter to the Society, email name and the postal address are found on "Contact us" or "Contact" (this joining advice was updated in June 2019).