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Join the Society!

N.B. 15 May 2023, this web page was revised with new information.

This is the revised Luxembourg Society's Constitution (updated in 2022).

The Society always welcomes membership applications. It was founded in London in 1942, during the Second World War. The fact that it is still going strong today affirms its purpose. In 2022, it proudly celebrated its 80th anniversary.

Join the Society today, and you will be in good company!

Why should you become a member?

Membership is open to anybody wanting to promote close and friendly relations between Britain and Luxembourg, subject to acceptance by the Council of the Society.

Membership includes expatriates who wish to keep a connection with Luxembourg. Expatriates may socialise with fellow nationals, some of whom have settled in Britain or are temporary residents, students and employees. The Society facilitates both business and social contacts.

Membership is also for non-expatriates. It embraces a large category of people who have lived and worked in the Grand Duchy, people with family connections or Luxembourg ancestry, and all those who, for one reason or another, have established a bond with the country and the Luxembourg Society.

In addition to social gatherings, members may participate in recreational activities such as visits to places of interest, lectures, concerts, and art exhibitions. The Society receive a grant from the Luxembourg Government. Its social calendar is supported generously by the Embassy in London.

How can you become a member?

An applicant may apply for membership on a paper or digital form. After completion, submit this form by email or by post. The Society's Council reserves the right to approve an application.

From January 2016, the following shows the annual subscription rates. There is no partial-year refund.

Ordinary membership   £18.00
Joint membership   £24.00
Student membership   £6.00

A joint membership consists of two individuals living at the same address, requiring one mailing by post. Email is the communication method of choice.

Student membership applies to any student enrolled in a full-time course.

In the year of joining, the membership subscription is free. An applicant should set up a standing order at the time of application for subscription payment on the first working day of January every year. Once the Council of The Luxembourg Society approves an applicant's membership, the annual subscription becomes non-refundable, regardless of the amount.

To apply or inquire, please send an email/letter to the Society, select "Contact us" or "Contact". Please attach a personal summary as an introduction of your connection with Luxembourg (A5 or about 250 words or more).